Wlaa Wali Pagg Lyrics- Anmol Gagan Maan Punjabi Song

Wlaa Wali Pagg Lyrics- Anmol Gagan Maan Punjabi Song and other full detail of Wlaa Wali Pagg Punjabi song. You can find Lyrics of Wlaa Wali Pagg song from below with all other important information like Wlaa Wali Pagg is sung by, video by, directed by, cast by, recorded by, music by, etc.

As you know, Anmol Gagan Maan is one of the best singers in the Punjabi music industry. Anmol Gagan Maan has millions of fans and they always try for Anmol Gagan Maan new Punjabi songs, and Wlaa Wali Pagg lyrics. The fans try to check Wlaa Wali Pagg lyrics of Anmol Gagan Maan song to understand words of songs. So, here we are providing you right Wlaa Wali Pagg Lyrics by Anmol Gagan Maan, Below, you can also check all about Wlaa Wali Pagg Lyrics including casting, team, budget, income, videography, production company, etc.

Wlaa Wali Pagg Song is a new song in Punjabi Songs category sung by Anmol Gagan Maan and recorded by T-Series Apna Punjab. The new Punjabi song Wlaa Wali Pagg is produced by SS Production. Wlaa Wali Pagg video song is directed by Jaci Saini. The lyrics of Punjabi song Wlaa Wali Pagg is written by Sucha Yaar.

There are total 3 antras (Verses) in Wlaa Wali Pagg Lyrics.

Wlaa Wali Pagg Lyrics by Anmol Gagan Maan

Ho turi phirdi madeer fashionable bather

Ho sab fikka kar dindi teri bullet di gehdi

Oh rab jeha believe tere utte kar gayi

Rab jeha yakeen tere utte kar gayi

Nale kardi aan follow teri rag rag te


Haan desi jeha style jatti mar gi

Ve mari teri wlaa wali pagg te x (2)


Ho chadhdi kala de wala signal dindi aa

Rakhde bana ke jehdi muchh ve

Nazar na lagge ve tu saraeya to sohna

Teri bindrakhiye de jehi look ve x (2)


Husan taan chal tainu rab di ae den

Fida rakhdae saareya to soch wakh te


Haan desi jeha style jatti mar gi

Ve mari teri wlaa wali pagg te x (2)


Sohni ji pagg bann dae mundeya

Suit’an naal rangwa ke

Ve sohne sohne paa ke kurte

Ho sohne sohne paa ke kurte

Dil ch laune dere

Ve jaadu kar doongi


Magar phirenga mere

Ve jaadu kar doongi x (2)


Ho kaalje chon dhuan ve tu

Kadd dinda allhadan de

Langhda style jeha maar ke

Kudiyan ta jija jija kehn laatiya ve

Keh ke maan maan kaalja tu thaar de x (2)


Banja ve hunn to vichola sucheya

Saare kehnge ae wakhri aa jodi jag te


Haan desi jeha style jatti mar gi

Ve mari teri wlaa wali pagg te x (3)

There are many other people, who have worked in this song as Lyricists, music director, video director, musician, singer, feat, Lyrics writer, starring, modeling, Kindly check below for more information and Lyrics of Wlaa Wali Pagg Song by Anmol Gagan Maan

Wlaa Wali Pagg Song Details:

  • Song Name: Wlaa Wali Pagg
  • Album Name: Wlaa Wali Pagg
  • Male Model: Gurpreet Maan
  • Wlaa Wali Pagg Song Length: 4:13
  • Singer Name/Artist: Anmol Gagan Maan
  • Casting/Starring: Gurpreet Maan
  • Video by: Jaci Saini
  • Opposite Role: Noor, Raman, Deepika
  • Video Director: Jaci Saini
  • Music Director: Desi Routz
  • Art Director:Sonu,Spot,Ranjit
  • Still: Populer Media
  • Costume: Deep Matharoo
  • Hair: Pariyanka
  • Makeup:NA
  • Sound: Parmod Ranu
  • Crowd Coordinator: Narinder
  • Location: Mahindra Collage
  • Bhangra Group: Sunny
  • Editor: Gagan Sharma
  • Lighting: Ramesh Dada
  • Wlaa Wali Pagg Lyrics by: Sucha Yaar
  • Choreographer: NA
  • Production: SS Production
  • Publicity Design: NA
  • Camera Equipment: Raj
  • Camera: Red Eqic
  • Special Thanks to:
  • Dialogues: NA
  • Featuring: NA
  • RAP: NA
  • DOP: Deepak Singh
  • Online Promotions: NA
  • Mix and Master: NA
  • Label or Music on: T-Series Apna Punjab
  • Design & Posters: Roop Kamal Singh
  • Wlaa Wali Pagg Lyrics Release Date: 26 Feb 2018

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