Time Lyrics- Virasat Sandhu Punjabi Song Full Detail

Time Lyrics- Virasat Sandhu Punjabi Song and other full detail of Time Punjabi song. You can find Lyrics of Time song from below with all other important information like Time is sung by, video by, directed by, cast by, recorded by, music by, etc.

As you know, Virasat Sandhu is one of the best singers in the Punjabi music industry. Virasat Sandhu has millions of fans and they always try for Virasat Sandhu new Punjabi songs, and Time lyrics. The fans try to check lyrics of Time song to understand words of songs. So, here we are providing you right Time Lyrics by Virasat Sandhu. Below, you can also check all about Time Lyrics including casting, team, budget, income, videography, production company, etc.

Time Song is a new song in Punjabi Songs category sung by Virasat Sandhu and recorded by 62 West Studio. The new Punjabi song Time is produced by Vicky. Time video song is directed by Ranbir Bath. The lyrics of Punjabi song Time is written by Virasat Sandhu.

Time Lyrics by Virasat Sandhu

Ho jadon maada hunda time

Kayi phone vi nai chakkde

Ho kar lainde scene

Ignore kari rakhde x (2)


Ho mull mehantan de painde vekhi mittra

Koyi thod nahio rab de ghare


Ho change samayan ch ohi naal hon’ge

Maade samayan ch naal jo khade x (2)


Haje rahe mehantan di chhan’ni ch chhan

Tere khadange baraabar tu thehar oye

Ho maade samayan de vich

Dil nahio chhadi de

Te changeyan ch chhadi deni pair oye


Ohda apna vi kujj nahio ban’da

Jehda dujjeyan nu vekh ke sade


Ho change samayan ch ohi naal hon’ge

Maade samayan ch naal jo khade x (2)


Ho ghassda ni kujj ohdi kariye madad

Jehda baitha hunda thodi aas te

Paar oh kahda banda jehda karke jatave

Kinna kujj kitta ehde waaste


Ho jehde vat gaye si passa maade time te

Ho vekhi waitingan ch hon’ge khade


Ho change samayan ch ohi naal hon’ge

Maade samayan ch naal jo khade x (2)


Ho der bhawein ohde ghar

Hunda nai haner

Sari game takdeer’an di aa baleya

Ho ajj jehde level’an te baitha kare maan

Kal khaure kihne hona maleya


Ho paiyan badeyan scheme’aa sandhu dab ju

Ho chal putt time na ghare


Ho change samayan ch ohi naal hon’ge

Maade samayan ch naal jo khade x (2)

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Time Song Details:

  • Song/Album Name: Time
  • Male Model: Goldy Manepuria
  • Song Length: 4:23
  • Singer Name/Artist: Virasat Sandhu
  • Video Director: Ranbir Bath
  • Music Director: Sukh Brar
  • Director: Rasdeep bhullar
  • Concept: Chandeep Dhaliwal
  • Producer: Amolakdeep Bhullar / Manjot Bhullar / Ranjodh Bath
  • Editor: Maninder
  • CC/Post Production: Paras K Mehra
  • Time Lyrics by: Virasat Sandhu
  • Photographer: Gagan Arora
  • Production: Vicky
  • Special Thanks to: Jeet Aman, Param Grewal, Kulbir Singh kalsi, Preddy Riar, Gursher Bhullar,Nawab Brar
  • Sponsor By: Desh Baghat University (Mandi Gobindgarh )
  • Project Manager: kanwal ranbir singh & preet lehri
  • DOP: Bobby Mehta
  • Online Promotions: Desi Media
  • Label or Music on: 62 West Studio
  • Design & Posters: Dhiman Productions
  • Release Date: 24 March, 2018

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