Milegi Milegi Lyrics- Mika Singh- Stree Hindi Movie

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Milegi Milegi Hindi Song Details

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Milegi Milegi Lyrics by Mika Singh from Stree Movie 2018

Haaye Terey Barey Mein Toh,

Sabb Se Sunna Hain,

Sabbh Ko Pataa Hain,

Ki Tu Apshaara Hain,

Meelti Kahaan Hain Tu,

Kabb Se Khadda Hain,

Aashiq Tera Haaye Bechaara,


Ettna Pataa Hain,

Ki Koi Goofa Hain,

Lekin Goofa Saali,

Khood Lapaata Hain,

Ander Bhi Ghoosh Kar,

Meelti Kahaan Hain,

Yaraan Firun Mara Mara,


Khel Liyein Shot Sabbhi,

Dekkh Liyein Spot Sabbhi,

Haddh Kahi Bhi Naa Laggi,

Haa Jee, Haa Jee,

Haa Jee Lekin……


Milegi Milegi,

Tujjhey Bhi Milegi,

Mujjhey Bhi Milegi,

Honga Chamatkaar


Milegi Milegi,

Sabbhi Ko Milegi,

Kabbhi Toh Milegi,

Sabra Merey Yaar,


Aaahhh ! ! !

Raa Kaa Kaa Kaaa…



La La La La La La….

Gilli Gilli Heyy Heyy ! ! !


Bola Tha Maine, Bola Tha Maine

Saari Pehne, Saari Pehne

Aayegi Lene Dil Tera, Dil Tera

Dil Tera, Dil Tera


Aayein Akeli, Haaye Akeli,

Yaa Laayein Saheli, Uff Saheli,

Kaysi Bhi Meeli,

Milte Jaa, Milte Jaa,

Milte Jaa, Milte Jaa,


Miley Le Dream Sajja Ge,

Miley Le Cream Lagga Ke,

Jidd Naa Kar Oo Kakey,

Naa Jee, Naa Jee,

Naa Jee, Naa Jee

Kyon Ki…..


Milegi Milegi,

Tujjhey Bhi Milegi,

Mujjhey Bhi Milegi,

Honga Chamatkaar


Milegi Milegi,

Sabbhi Ko Milegi,

Kabbhi Toh Milegi,

Sabra Merey Yaar,


La La La La La


Gilli Gilli Gilli Haan,


La La La La La


Gilli Gilli Heyy….Heyy……

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Milegi Milegi Song Full Detail:

  • Song Name: Milegi Milegi
  • Movie Name: Stree
  • Song Length: 02:37
  • Singer Name/Artist: Mika Singh, Sachin-Jigar
  • Casting/Starring: Rajkummar Rao, Shraddha Kapoor, Pankaj Tripathi, Aparshakti Khurana, Abhishek Banerjee
  • Video by: NA
  • Video Director: Amar Kaushik
  • Music Director: Sachin-Jigar
  • Asst Director: Sachin-Jigar, Hrishikesh Gangan
  • Opposite Role: NA
  • Still: NA
  • Producers: NA
  • Dance Group: NA
  • Editor: NA
  • Lighting: NA
  • Milegi Milegi Lyrics by: VAYU
  • Choreographer: NA
  • Production: Romil Ved
  • Publicity Design: NA
  • Arranged & Programmed: Sachin-Jigar
  • Camera Equipment: NA
  • Camera: NA
  • Special Thanks to: NA
  • Dialogues: NA
  • Featuring: NA
  • RAP: NA
  • DOP: NA
  • Online Promotions: NA
  • Mix & Master By: Eric Pillai
  • Label or Music on: T-Series
  • Design & Posters: NA
  • Release Date: 01 Aug. 2018

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