Love Me Lyrics- Meet Bros Punjabi Song Full Detail

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Love Me Punjabi Song Details

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Love Me Lyrics by Meet Bros

Tera ishq satawe

Q tu nede na aawe

Aa ke sahmne tu behja sohneya

Sohneya …!!!


Kar2 yaar udeekan

Langiyan kayi tareekan

Aa ke naal apne laija sohneya



Oo sun le na mere dil de

Ki kende ne jazbaat

Mere yaar tu mere

Aj sunn le meri baat


Love me… love me…love me

Baby saari saari raat

Love me… love me…love me

Baby saari saari raat

Love me… love me…love me

Baby saari saari raat


Tanu mai takki jawan

Raat saari raat saari

Mai koshish kiti laakh waari laakh waari


Dim2 taareyan di roshni ch sohniye ni

Asaan tanu pyaar karna

Gal ik pal di ae

Aj kal chal di ae

Vaada naio yaar karna


Kach to v kachi hegi

Naram kalayi teri

Holi2 hath fadna

Hath tera fadd ke mai

Spin tanu kari jawan

Poore saare khwab karla


Tell me na

Kisda wait karna

Tell me na…


Love me… love me…love me

Baby saari saari raat

Love me… love me…love me

Baby saari saari raat

Love me… love me…love me

Baby saari saari raat


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Love Me Song Full Detail:

  • Song Name: Love Me
  • Song Type: Single Track
  • Male Model: NA
  • Song Length: 02:58
  • Singer Name/Artist: Meet Bros, Khushboo Grewal
  • Casting/Starring: NA
  • Video by: NA
  • Video Director: Vishnudeva
  • Music Director: Meet Bros
  • Asst Director: Saheb Khan , Piyush Mehroliyaa
  • Art Director: Vishnu Nishaad
  • Producer: Arian Romal
  • Bhangra Group: NA
  • Editor: NA
  • Lighting: NA
  • Love Me Lyrics by: Kumaar
  • Choreographer: NA
  • Production: Uddipan Sharma
  • Programmed By: Aishwary Tripathi
  • Publicity Design: NA
  • Camera Equipment: NA
  • Camera: NA
  • Special Thanks to: NA
  • Dialogues: NA
  • Featuring: NA
  • RAP: Meet Bros
  • DOP:Dee
  • Online Promotions: NA
  • Mix and Master: Aishwary Tripathi, Gautam Chakrabortty
  • Label or Music on: MB MUSIC
  • Design & Posters: NA
  • Release Date: 06 Aug. 2018

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