Lado Rani Lyrics- Mandy Takhar Punjabi Song Full Detail

Lado Rani Lyrics- Mandy Takhar Punjabi Song and other full detail of Lado Rani Punjabi song. You can find Lyrics of Lado Rani song from below with all other important information like Lado Rani is sung by, video by, directed by, cast by, recorded by, music by, etc.

As you know, Mandy Takhar is one of the best singers in the Punjabi music industry. Mandy Takhar has millions of fans and they always try for Mandy Takhar new Punjabi songs, and Lado Rani lyrics. The fans try to check lyrics of Lado Rani song to understand words of songs. So, here we are providing you right Lado Rani Lyrics by Mandy Takhar. Below, you can also check all about Lado Rani Lyrics including casting, team, budget, income, videography, production company, etc.

Lado Rani Song is a new song in Punjabi Songs category sung by Mandy Takhar and recorded by BeingU Music. The new Punjabi song Lado Rani is produced by Gurjot Singh & Akshit Kumar. Lado Rani video song is directed by Director Gifty. The lyrics of Punjabi song Lado Rani is written by Ikka.

Lado Rani Lyrics by Mandy Takhar

Oye DJ wale nu bulao


Mera gaana chalwao


Ho lado rani on the floor

Kehndi daaru peeni more

Kehndi machne daan shor


Ho DJ wale nu bulao

Mera gaana chalwao

Halle nachna main hor


Ho lado rani, ho lado rani

Ho lado rani, ho lado rani

Ho badi sayani

Ho badi sayani


Ho peeke vodka vodka

Woh kare shaitani


Oye DJ wale nu bulao

Bulao bulao bulao

Mera gaana chalwao

Oh kehndi

Mera gaana chalwao

Oh kehndi kehndi kehndi

Gaana chalwao


Dekh mundeya ve sab mainu ae pata

Peen de bahane mere nehde na tu aa

Lado rani kehnde mainu sun le meri

Teri ni main hona gall mind na kari


Ve main pawaan Louis Vuitton

Mera Apple wala phone

Gallan chare passe hon

Ho main ni aana tere hath

Supne tu laine chhad

Main taan saareyan di dream


Ho lado rani, ho lado rani

Ho lado rani, ho lado rani

Ho badi sayani

Ho badi sayani

Ho peeka vodka

Ho kare shaitani


Lado rani

Lado rani…

There are many other people, who have worked in this song as Lyricists, music director, video director, musician, singer, feat, Lyrics writer, starring, modeling, Kindly check below for more information and Lyrics of Lado Rani Song by Mandy Takhar

Lado Rani Song Details:

  • Song Name: Lado Rani
  • Album Name: Lado Rani
  • Male Model: Mandy Takhar
  • Lado Rani Song Length: 2:45
  • Singer Name/Artist: Mandy Takhar
  • Video Director: Director Gifty
  • Music Director: Dr Zeus
  • Produced: Gurjot Singh & Akshit Kumar
  • Music arranged, Producer and Composer: Dr. Zeus
  • Mixed and Engineered by: Dr. Zeus at Being U Studios Mumbai
  • Art Director: NA
  • Still: NA
  • Editor: Deepak Kumar
  • Lighting: NA
  • Lado Rani Lyrics by: Ikka
  • Choreographer:
  • Production: BeingU Studio
  • Publicity Design: NA
  • Camera Equipment: NA
  • Camera: NA
  • DOP: NA
  • Online Promotions: NA
  • Mix and Master: NA
  • Label or Music on: BeingU Music
  • Design & Posters: NA
  • Release Date: 23rd March, 2018

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