Gym 2 Lyrics- Sippy Gill Punjabi Song Full Detail

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Gym 2 Punjabi Song Details

Sippy Gill  is one of the best singers in the music industry. Sippy Gill has millions of fans and they always try for Sippy Gill new Punjabi songs, and Gym 2 lyrics. The fans try to check Gym 2 lyrics to understand words of songs. So, here we are providing you right Gym 2 Lyrics by Sippy Gill and other useful information like name of singer in Gym 2 song, Gym 2 Lyrics, Gym 2 song director name, Gym 2 song producer name, Gym 2 song releasing date, Gym 2 songwriter name, etc. Through below given information and important links, you can know everything about the Gym 2 song.

Gym 2 Lyrics by Sippy Gill

Dabde na munde ek dooje nalo wadh ne

Doleya te tattoo saare sire de stud ne x (2)


Bouncer bhi moore aake pai jande dim


18 inch dola te 24 inch rim

Naaran naal gehdiyan te yaaran naal gym x (2)


Hit jeha physique na tu show kardi

Bada moh kardi saadgi ch rehn da

Bamb jatt tere te flat balliye

Phire time chakkda oh dil wali kehan da x (2)


Pith pichhe hundi jo praise balliye

Ni sardaari da ae chinn


18 inch dola te 24 inch rim

Naaran naal gehdiyan te yaaran naal gym

18 inch dola te 24 inch rim

Laavan tere naal gehdiyan te yaaran naal gym


Yaariyan de pichhe assi ad’de aan

Naal kahd’de aan jadon panga pai jaave

Paake neevi anti jadon chhad jaave raah

Ho jaave bachcha vairi changa reh jaave x (2)


Bhoosri kateed kivein hawa karju

Ho laali kadd daiye bing


18 inch dola te 24 inch rim

Naaran naal gehdiyan te yaaran naal gym x (2)


Saare surry shehar nu deewana kar gayi

Haye bayana kar gayi ni mundeya di jaan da

Cherry bulliyan de vich shehad dullda

Mile zehar mull da husn rakaan da x (2)


Diamond stone jeha gabru billo ni

Kehnda pauni tainu ring


18 inch dola te 24 inch rim

Naaran naal gehdiyan te yaaran naal gym

18 inch dola te 24 inch rim

Laavan tere naal gehdiyan te yaaran naal gym


Sippy Gill!

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Gym 2 Song Full Detail:

  • Song Name: Gym 2
  • Song Type: Single Track
  • Male Model: NA
  • Song Length: 05:13
  • Singer Name/Artist: Sippy Gill
  • Casting/Starring:
  • Video by: True Roots Productions
  • Video Director: Harry Chahal
  • Music Director: Deep Jandu
  • Art Director: NA
  • Producer: NA
  • Bhangra Group: NA
  • Editor: Guri Bhangu
  • Lighting: NA
  • Gym 2 Lyrics by: Lally Mundi
  • Choreographer: NA
  • Production: Sumeet Singh
  • Publicity Design: NA
  • Camera Equipment: NA
  • Camera: NA
  • Special Thanks to: Sudh Singh, Peter Chahal, Mandy Chahal, Sunny Nagar
  • Dialogues: NA
  • Featuring: NA
  • RAP: NA
  • DOP: Rupy Bains
  • Online Promotions: Studio Panic
  • Mix and Master: NA
  • Label or Music on: Saga Music
  • Design & Posters: NA
  • Release Date: 18 June 2018

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