Follow Lyrics- Nawab Punjabi Song Full Detail

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Follow Punjabi Song Details

Nawab is one of the best singers in the music industry. Nawab has millions of Follows and they always try for Nawab new Punjabi songs, and Follow lyrics. The Follows try to check Follow lyrics to understand words of songs. So, here we are providing you right Follow Lyrics by Nawab and other useful information like name of singer in Follow song, Follow Lyrics, Follow song director name, Follow song producer name, Follow song releasing date, Follow songwriter name, etc. Through below given information and important links, you can know everything about the Follow song.

Follow Lyrics by Nawab

Rob tera vailliya de laane warga

Rang tere kana’k de daane warga

Laden Wangu Kehar Kare Akh Goriye

Uthon rakhe tu subha kyu Nyane Warga

Chale Maanak di beat

Jatt karde ni cheat

Jithe laayi assi yaari

Othe burrrrrrr…..


Follow karde nai bade,

tenu pindan wale shadde

Rakh saambh ke rakane dil loot lainaa……(x2)


Na na billo


Dilan utte wajj je na dang goriye

Itte kardi ishara teri bang goriye

Diploma pattu ashqi da kari firde

Anvein hans hans na kolo langh goriye


Jaam kar dinde chakke,

kitte chad je na dhakke

Rehnde sadkan te ae vi

Tikk ke bainn naa…


Follow karde nai bade,

Tenu pindan wale shadde

Rakh saambh ke rakane dil loot lainaa…..(x2)


Tainu chandran da maare

Akhon pher balliye..

Jatt tere piche phook deya tyar balliye

Police vi likhe na report’an teriyan

Wakhrankta tu kardi kair balliye


Maare dharti te eddi

Teri gall hegi vaddi

Bina gall ton mandeer

Teri hoyi fan naa,,


Follow karde nai bade,

Tenu pindan wale shadde

Rakh saambh ke rakane dil loot lainaa…..(x2)


Maat goriya nu paundi teri tor balliye

Tenu dekh-dekh shadde leinde load baliye

Mithi ni juban vicho Maan Maan bole

Dekhi Surrey Takk Mach Juga Shor balliye


Meri mann lai tu gall

Hunn Korwalia chal

Anvi sek-sek akhan

Pooriyan ton painn na


Follow karde nai bade,

Tenu pindan wale shadde

Rakh saambh ke rakane dil loot lainaa…..(x2)


Mista Baaz!


Befikra Jatt!

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Follow Song Full Detail:

  • Song Name: Follow
  • Song Type: Single Track
  • Male Model: NA
  • Song Length: 03:28
  • Singer Name/Artist: Nawab
  • Casting/Starring: NA
  • Video by: NA
  • Video Director: Korwalia Maan
  • Music Director: Mista Baaz
  • Art Director: NA
  • Producer: NA
  • Bhangra Group: NA
  • Editor: NA
  • Lighting: NA
  • Follow Lyrics by: Korwalia Maan
  • Choreographer: NA
  • Production: NA
  • Publicity Design: NA
  • Camera Equipment: NA
  • Camera: NA
  • Special Thanks to: NA
  • Dialogues: NA
  • Featuring: NA
  • RAP: NA
  • DOP: NA
  • Online Promotions: NA
  • Mix and Master: Sameer Charegaonkar
  • Label or Music on: T-Series
  • Design & Posters: NA
  • Release Date: 20 July 2018

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