Cheta Tera Lyrics- Sajjan Adeeb Punjabi Song

Cheta Tera Lyrics- Sajjan Adeeb Punjabi Song and other full detail of Cheta Tera Punjabi song. You can find Lyrics of Cheta Tera song from below with all other important information like Cheta Tera is sung by, video by, directed by, cast by, recorded by, music by, etc.

As you know, Sajjan Adeeb is one of the best singers in the Punjabi music industry. Sajjan Adeeb has millions of fans and they always try for Sajjan Adeeb new Punjabi songs, and Cheta Tera lyrics. The fans try to check Cheta Tera lyrics of Sajjan Adeeb song to understand words of songs. So, here we are providing you right Cheta Tera Lyrics by Sajjan Adeeb, Below, you can also check all about Cheta Tera Lyrics including casting, team, budget, income, videography, production company, etc.

Cheta Tera Song is a new song in Punjabi Songs category sung by Sajjan Adeeb and recorded by Lokdhun. The new Punjabi song Cheta Tera is produced by V Sign Production. Cheta Tera video song is directed by Dilsher Singh, and Khushpal Singh. The lyrics of Punjabi song Cheta Tera is written by Mehar Burj, and Manwinder Maan.

There are total 3 antras (Verses) in Cheta Tera Lyrics.

Cheta Tera Lyrics by Sajjan Adeeb

Rondi ae ankh marjani

Paundi ae baatan nu

Aunda ae cheta tera

Jaaga main raatan nu x (2)


Aunda ae cheta tera

Jaaga main raatan nu


Yaadan mainu gher lain ni

So jan jad saare ni

Kalla hi ginnda rehnda

Kothe te taare ni x (2)


Hunn ni koyi karda roshan

Madhyam halatan nu

Rondi ae ankh marjani

Paundi ae baatan nu


Aunda ae cheta tera

Jaaga main raatan nu x (2)


Dil di gall khooh to doongi

Dassdi aen tainu ve


Aaj vi teri yaad soneya

Aundi ae mainu ve x (2)


Akhan vich tasveer teri ve

Khede laike Heer teri ve


Paani te leekan vajjiyan

Dissiyan dass kihnu ve x (2)


Pateyan te likh sir naavein

Tere val ghalde aan

Gussa gila chhad deyi da

Vapas mud chalde aan x (2)


Heere to kanch ho gaye

Samjhi jazbatan nu

Rondi ae ankh marjani

Paundi ae baatan nu


Aunda ae cheta tera

Jaaga main raatan nu x (2)


Ditte sadde phull vi lagda

Murjha gaye hone aan

Allhadan naal yaari sajna

Umran de rone aan x (2)


Taan hi dil bhara painda

Vekh baratan nu

Rondi ae ankh marjani

Paundi ae baatan nu


Aunda ae cheta tera

Jaaga main raatan nu x (2)

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There are many other people, who have worked in this song as Lyricists, music director, video director, musician, singer, feat, Lyrics writer, starring, modeling, Kindly check below for more information and Lyrics of Cheta Tera Song by Sajjan Adeeb

Cheta Tera Song Details:

  • Song Name: Cheta Tera
  • Album Name: Cheta Tera
  • Female Lead: Afsana Khaan
  • Cheta Tera Song Length:56
  • Singer Name/Artist: Sajjan Adeeb
  • Casting/Starring: NA
  • Video Director: Dilsher Singh, Khushpal Singh
  • Music Director: Desi Routz
  • Video Directed By True Makers
  • Art Director: NA
  • Still: Rubal Chhina
  • Costume: NA
  • Hair: NA
  • Makeup: NA
  • Sound: Desi Routz
  • Edit & DI Colorist: Garry Khatrao Media
  • Lighting: NA
  • Cheta Tera Lyrics by Mehar Burj, Manwinder Maan
  • Choreographer:
  • Production: V Sign Production
  • Candit Ronin: Sukh Kamboz
  • Publicity Design: The Town Media
  • Special Thanks to Sanjeev Sharma, Amandeep Smana, Manwinder Maan
  • Dialogues Script: Samar Singh Chauhan
  • DOP: Mintu Plaha
  • Online Promotions: Kings of Media
  • Mix and Master: NA
  • Label or Music on Lokdhun
  • Design & Posters:
  • Release Date: 11 Mar 2018 hopes you have got Cheta Tera Lyrics and song detail above. Lyricsantra has collected almost complete details about Cheta Tera Song of Sajjan Adeeb and Cheta Tera Lyrics. For any kind of more information about Cheta Tera Lyrics and Cheta Tera Song casting, you can contact us anytime. Thank You for visiting here or read Cheta Tera Lyrics. Good Luck…..

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