Ashke Boliyan Lyrics- Gurshabad- Ashke Punjabi Movie

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Ashke Boliyan Punjabi Song Details

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Ashke Boliyan Lyrics by Gurshabad from Ashke Movie 2018

Nachde shukeen munde udh’di

Mitti vey mathey chumme hass key ae..

Kehre shaihron chaubrah suvayia kurta

sanu jaavin dass key ae..


Galla vich kenthe, kanni mundran

Teh doley tey taveet kass key..


Chann jihe gabhru bai paun bhangre

Teh lokki kehan ashke..

Chann jihe gabhru bai paun bhangre

Teh lokki kehan ashke..


Sohnyeyan shaukeena, lambbe lanjeya

Veh nain tere dil kho lawen aen..


Dekh teri jamaan ranjhe wargi

De saaq mainu nit aun veh.. (x2)


Maarda aen janh vadde tarhke

Veh pinde outey tel jhass key ae..


Chann jihe gabhru bai paun bhangre

Teh lokki kehan ashke..

Chann jihe gabhru bai paun bhangre

Teh lokki kehan ashke..


Rehnde jatt ford billo haq de

Teh paili navaan vanghu rakhi aa..

Tochan muqable toh door aan

Teh khaid’de kabbadi pakki aa..(x2)


Raaz nein punjabi jindabaad nein

Dilaan de vich rehan vass key ae..


Chann jihe gabhru bai paun bhangre

Teh lokki kehan ashke..

Chann jihe gabhru bai paun bhangre

Teh lokki kehan ashke..

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Ashke Boliyan Song Full Detail:

  • Song Name: Ashke Boliyan
  • Movie Name: Ashke
  • Song Length: 02:09
  • Singer Name/Artist: Gurshabad
  • Casting/Starring: Amrinder Gill, Sanjeeda Ali Sheikh, Roopi Gill, Sehaj Sahib, Harjot, Sarbjit cheemaJaswinder Bhalla
  • Video by: NA
  • Video Director: Amberdeep Singh
  • Music Director: Jatinder Shah
  • Art Director: Liqakat Ali Khan, Anmol
  • Asst Director: Sukh Sanghera
  • Opposite Role: NA
  • Dialogue : Dheeraj Rattan, Amberdeep Singh
  • Still: Manpreet Singh Grewal, Reddust Films
  • Costume: NA
  • Promotional Tracks: Dr Zeus & Davvy Singh
  • Hair: NA
  • Makeup: NA
  • Sound: NA
  • Crowd Coordinator: NA
  • Location: NA
  • Bhangra Group: NA
  • Editor: Rohit Dhiman
  • Producer: Karaj Gill & Talwinder Hayre
  • Ashke Boliyan Lyrics by: Raj Ranjodh
  • Choreographer:
  • Production: Varun Bansal
  • Publicity Design: NA
  • Camera Equipment: NA
  • Camera: NA
  • Special Thanks to: Dr Zeus, Bunty Bains Productions, Desi Crew & Davvy Singh
  • Dialogues: NA
  • Featuring: NA
  • RAP: NA
  • DOP: Navneet Misser
  • Online Promotions: One Digital Entertainment
  • Mix and Master: Sameer Charegaonkar
  • Label or Music on: Rhythm Boyz
  • Design & Posters: Vitamin V
  • Release Date: 02 Aug. 2018

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